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E-commerce has grown tremendously today. In fact, it has changed the way people shop nowadays and led to the emergence of numerous customer review sites. These sites serve as important spaces where consumers of different services and products tell of their experiences. More shoppers are turning to the social medial to give their reviews. Online customer review is not a new idea because way before the Internet became popular and e-commerce got established, the Consumer Reports Magazine published customer reviews on different products and services. The magazine organized those reviews and ranked the outcome of reviews in terms of the cost of products or services, quality, reliability and how companies honored warranties. Today, such an approach is required in the writing industry to help students who are continually hiring writing services get the information they need to identify services that are both affordable and of quality.

Importance of Reviews

Writing services reviews are necessary because in many cases, students literary take risks when they send work out to writing companies without knowing how good they are at delivering the services they claim to offer. In many cases, they end up getting work that is poorly done by unqualified writers. Without reviews, it is almost impossible for them to find quality services. They are online customers who have to deal with the challenge of identifying good companies on a daily basis and it is time they find help from organizations such as that develop and publish reports that point them in the direction of reputable companies.

Reviewing Services

At, we welcome students who have at one point or another received work from writing companies. We encourage them to tell their stories about how their work was handled and delivered by the companies they hired. We do this so that we can identify the companies that online customers line and make them easier to spot by online audience.

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Our Ranking Process

We have criterion in place to enable us rank writing services. Our criterion looks at the features that students find valuable and is based on the reviews that we gather online. Generally, the criterion focuses on elements such as the quality of work companies generate, their ability to meet deadlines, the quality of their customer service and how fair and consistent their fees are.

Using our own collection and the customer reviews we receive, we have prepared a numerical ranking system that we provide here. We ensure that students identify good writing companies by viewing the rankings we publish here which doesn’t take must of their time other than searching through thousands or even millions of websites available online.

More information

Our website contains more information for our online audience in the form of videos. Below, you can watch some video clips that were prepared by some of the best writing companies to familiarize yourself with their procedures. We have also included links to websites that have useful information as well as sites of some of the top ranking companies below for our audience.